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Bewitching Style

Happy October, lovelies.  The season of bewitching style... For today's blog, I am featuring my favorite lingerie brand, Secrets in Lace , in a picture-heavy post to show just how versatile their pieces can be. I am wearing the Angela Point D'Esprit Blouse over the Andrea Vintage Strapless Longline  bra.  I wear these pieces often, and they always receive endless compliments.  Also, as you may have already guessed, I am wearing a SIL garter belt and nylons; the  Intrigue Garter Belt  with the Dana Glamour heel  in beige (backseams are my favorite, and oh-so classic).  To change the look up and add even more Va-Va-Voom , I switched out the blouse for a vintage necklace to match my earrings, and faux leather opera length gloves to perfectly compliment my faux leather pencil skirt - you can actually find these on Amazon!  My heels are Louboutin "New Very Prive" and were a perfect pick for this elegant, vampy look. So let's talk a
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Ah, summertime... when the days are longer, and the vibe is more care-free.  It's the perfect time to bring out those lightweight frocks and store away the layers (in Southern California, anyway) .  The obvious dress choices would be bright, fun florals and patterns... however, I wanted to change it up and go for a more neutral summer look for this post. I opted for this wonderful curve-hugging classic by Stop Staring Clothing -  the Billion Dollar Baby Dress in tan and black dots.   I can confidently state that I own this style of dress more than any other, and for me, it's a no brainer as to why.  It's classic, chic,  and  comfortable... hugs your body in just the right way, keeping a bit of modesty while simultaneously showing off your best assets... truly a must own for every lady, no matter your shape or size. Fun fact:  I used to really dislike polka dot  anything ... I felt it was very cliche and obvious, especially in the rockabilly/vintage wor

Dreaming of Spring

For todays post, I am featuring the beautiful vintage reproduction line Loco Lindo .  This dress is the stunning 1940's inspired  Rita Dress with White Rose Buds . This dress has me feeling like it's already spring, even though it has been abnormally cold in San Diego (by cold, I mean in the lower 60's...).  I usually don't wear a whole lot of white items, but Loco Lindo's line of clothing has changed my mind.  Not to mention, I'm an absolute sucker for a good floral dress. This dress is made of elegant french rayon crepe; therefore, it's lightweight and soft, but still of high-quality that you can feel.  It has a drawstring in back to adjust and nip in the waist.  I took a size small, and it's very true to size.  All in all, a very flattering piece that can be easily dressed up or down. Just like any vintage outfit, it's never complete without 100% nylons. Obviously, I had to color coordinate, so I went with my favor

Keeping it Classic

Happy February!  This month marks one year since I began this blog! Also... how on earth did January fly by so quickly?!  With this being my first post of the year, I would like to set a different tone from my usual retro/ pin-up/ vintage looks.  I definitely don't stick to one strict style or play by any fashion rules [these days... yes, I was once a "vintage only" all-around rockabilly gal... and even a devoted punk rock teen].  Now, I just love a good mix of modern and classic pieces, sometimes with edgy elements thrown in, and I want to showcase more of that here.  NOTE: That doesn't mean I won't still stay true to the typically vintage-inspired posts too.  There will still be many of those! So let's get right into it... my top is by the UK brand  Lady K Loves .  They have really cute pieces that are great for building up a vintage-inspired wardrobe, or even incorporating into classy everyday looks.  This top is cropped, so a hi

Festive in Trashy Diva

It's the most dazzling time of the year... 'Tis the season for having a great many excuses to dress up; gatherings, festivities, or even just a late afternoon stroll to one of my favorite Christmas trees.  I decided to start December off with one of my favorites by  Trashy Diva ; the Candice Gwinn  Lena Dress .  In my opinion, this is one of their most exquisite collections yet, and I'm sure you can agree. It's no secret by now that Trashy Diva makes up a great percentage of my wardrobe, though I did recently notice that most are day-dresses (I'm a sucker for their novelty prints).  This is one of my first TD "evening" dresses and it's completely striking in person.  Now I say "evening dress" a bit loosely since, honestly, you can wear this whenever and however you please (glamorous grocery shopping, anyone)?  This dress is more versatile than say, a ballgown, and it's perfectly placed details are not

Autumn Glamour

Happy Halloween!  I know it's been a while since my last update, so I wanted to make sure to post just in time for the holiday. While I don't have a costume this year (I know...), you can probably tell by now that my wardrobe tends to be inspired by the change of each season. For today's blog post, I wanted to capture one of my favorite styles; a classic, dark noir look. The vintage dress I'm wearing is one of the most treasured pieces that I own, as it belonged to my lovely Great-Grandma Thelma Louise. Though I appreciate each season (we didn't really have them in Hawai'i), I'd have to say that autumn is one of my favorites. Obviously, fall in California is different to a lot of other states, in that the change is gradual and it's still pretty warm this time of year.  Though there's one noticeable difference, and that's literally the feeling in the air; the breeze suddenly feels more crisp and cool.  It's the perfect time to be